I am a Summer 2018 transplant to North Carolina from the Northwest and I am excited to join the wonderful group of therapists at Counseling Services Inc.  Having over 10,000 hours of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults with the myriad concerns that cause them to seek professional counseling, I consider myself a true generalist.  This means I have expertise in most areas of psychology including anxiety, PTSD, depression, ADHD, grief, body image concerns, parenting issues, academic and career issues, performance and motivation issues, relationship issues, and life transitions (e.g., career changes, tenure success, divorce, blended family issues).  I also have extensive experience teaching, supervising, and mentoring masters and doctoral level students of psychology, as well as post-doctoral and early career psychologists. 

My theoretical orientation (the school of thought or philosophy that your therapist follows to help guide people on the path to wellness) is Interpersonal and Cognitive-Behavioral (IPT and CBT/ACT). Researchers find that the best predictors of outcome are the therapist’s and patient’s ability to establish a strong working alliance early in treatment and interpersonal therapy focuses on the relationship between the patient and the therapist as a micro-example of the dynamics that patients have with others. The therapist then shares information related to a patient’s particular style of interaction to provide feedback focused on helping to identify and change problematic patterns in relationships. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy involves the patient and therapist working together to identify beliefs, behaviors, and familial and societal/cultural influences that impact current experiences and interactions, as well as build on positive strategies for improving psychological health.

My goal is to provide the highest quality evidence based and multiculturally informed psychological services possible to individuals and families, and I want to help you change so you can be more physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually healthy.  When you are aware and committed to improving your health in the aforementioned ways, your interactions with others and your environment changes.  That means you become a positive change agent for yourself, other people, and the cultural and environmental systems in which we all interact.

More about Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.:

  • Licensed as a psychologist in the state of North Carolina and the state of Idaho.

  • Raised in Southern Idaho, graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Boise State University, and a Ed.M. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University (WSU).

  • Completed an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited Internship in Professional Psychology at Texas A&M University (TAMU), Student Counseling Service (2002). 

  • Experienced in providing services to university student populations at WSU, TAMU, and Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI (1999-2006).

  • Worked half-time as Training Director and Associate Director at the University of Idaho Child and Youth Study Center (2006-2013) and half-time in private practice at Educational and Psychological Services in Moscow, ID. (2006-2018).

  • Taught at least two doctoral psychology courses per year as an Adjunct Professor and Associate Clinical Professor at WSU and maintains contract status as an Associate Clinical Professor at WSU Department of Educational Leadership, Sports Studies, and Educational/Counseling Psychology (2006-Present).

  • Completed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR Training (an adaptive information processing therapy that therapists use as an adjunctive treatment for trauma) and provides EMDR services to patients to help reprocess paired associations—triggers that result in flashbacks, fears, or over-reactions to current experiential or interpersonal “safe enough” experiences (2012-Present).

  • Provides telehealth psychotherapy for established Idaho patients and rural North Carolina patients (2018-Present).

  • Member of the APA (2010-Present) and member of the APA Society for Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy Division 49 Diversity Committee (2011-Present). 


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To contact Dr. Steffen call (919) 493-2674 extension 111 and leave a confidential message clearly stating your name and phone number. She will return your call as soon as possible. 



Dr. Steffen'’s office bills health insurance directly for your convenience. Dr. Steffen is currently in network with BCBS and Aetna.